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313832592_4d91ffb524_mIn New Zealand, any hike that doesn’t require staying overnight is called a walk.  Even if you’re hiking for 8 hours over alpine scrub, it’s a walk.  But an overnight hike – now that’s a tramp.  (Bloody Kiwis.)

Now, I’ve done heaps of day hikes, but overnight?  That’s a whole other set of complications, and what with having no one to go with and no experience, I’ve never gotten around to it.  Where to sleep?  What to eat?  What to dress?  And the horror of not being able to take a shower at night.  But my friend is a very experienced tramper, and when I heard she was going tramping in the Tararua Mountain ranges over the holidays, I more or less played Poor City Canadian Girl Who Wants a True Kiwi Experience.  Being incredibly generous, she was happy to initiate me into the joys of tramping. […]