Pick up a Pen! by Holly Bush (with a giveaway)

I’ve been writing for about thirty years on and off and before that I wrote a little for pleasure in high school and college when I wasn’t writing papers for classes. I’ve written some long stories, like my new historical romance For Her Honor, a few essays on mostly political subjects, and an occasional family story or recollection. I have found writing to be rewarding and as much a part of my life as friends and family.

I’ve talked to lots of writers over the years, some who wrote lengthy pieces and were trying to get published, and many, many more who wrote memoirs or short stories, and universally all have said how satisfying writing can be. There are days, quite a few sometimes, when I want to break my laptop into a million pieces when I’m in the middle of writing a novel and I just can’t see what the next scene is, or I’ve been away from writing […]