Horrible Histories


Thanks to a friend, I’m now hooked on Horrible Histories clips at You Tube. And it’s happy I am for that addiction. I had seen some of the original Horrible Histories books in England. They’re fun, they’re informative, and sometimes they’re a bit gross (and what kid doesn’t like that?). Or as their website says, It’s “history with the nasty bits left in.”  But I had no idea, until my friend pointed it out, that there was a show on CBBC and BBC One bringing parts of these books to life.

I’ve managed to watch clips featuring the Savage Stone Age, Awful Egyptians (The Mummy Song was informative, but definitely gross), Smashing Saxons, Rotten Romans, and Gorgeous Georgians (loved the King Georges singing Born to Rule), to name a few. But my favorites are probably the Terrible Tudors.

Oh, to have this show available in the U.S. This is just so much fun.

Have you caught any of these clips? If so, […]