Surfing the internet this week…

As time-wasters go, surfing the internet is probably number one on my list. Maybe I’m just recovering after two years without at home, but I find it fascinating to just go from place to place, idea to idea, and finding out completely random stuff – within the boundaries of my interest, of course.

The other day I started with Multiple Listings Services, which gathers together most of the properties on the market and allows you to browse by location, on the map, and has a gigantic list of filters. I’d wanted to see how much those stately homes along the Niagara Parkway (overlooking the Niagara River, between Ontario and New York State) cost. Not much, actually.

But that led me to seeing how many homes were being sold for over $10,000,000 in Canada. Less than I’d thought, actually.  Only about 40.  And they’re only made of wood. Sniff.

Which led me to search for homes selling under$25,000. A hell of […]