TBR Challenge – How did THIS get here?

mastersmistress As a reader with a large TBR pile, I have more than a few books that have ended up in my house even though I have no clue how they got there. The Master’s Mistress, a 2010 release from Carole Mortimer, is a case in point. Since she won a Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement award at this year’s RWA conference, Mortimer was definitely on my radar. I’ve read her books in the past, but probably not since college.

I didn’t realize that I had any of Mortimer’s more recent books, but I found a signed copy of this one in one of my RWA boxes. Serendipity! Perhaps. As it turns out, The Master’s Mistress is far from the craziest Harlequin Presents I’ve ever read, but sadly, it’s also far from being the most memorable.

The story centers on the remote Sullivan House in Cornwall. Hired […]