Revel with a Cause: The Outback Bachelor Ball

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When Karina Bliss, Joan Kilby and Sarah Mayberry got together to write a series of linked novellas, they knew they wanted to do something in the Outback, and they knew they wanted to find some place where all their stories could start. If that “some place” could also be fun, colorful and uniquely Australian, all the better. Joan suggested a bachelor and spinster ball, and within minutes The Outback Bachelor Ball trilogy was up and running.

Since B & S balls might be a new concept for some, the writers thought it might be fun to share a bit of Outback lore to get readers in the mood. Without further ado, here’s Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About B & S Balls But Were Afraid To Ask:

As Aussie as kangaroos and koalas, or Hugh Jackman and Crocodile Dundee, the Bachelor and Spinster Ball (B&S) is an Australian icon. Sixty-odd years […]