Royal Wedding

prince_william_kate_middletonI was on my way to work the other day, listening to the radio at the ungodly hour of 5:38am, and the news announcer started talking about the Royal Wedding. She mentioned the wedding being available on YouTube, and talked about two wedding cakes, and speculated about Kate’s gown. And said the big event was in one month. All I could think was, crikey, is it that time already? I felt like a Martian.

Thing is, I haven’t been paying attention because Kate and Will haven’t captured my imagination. I know for many of my parents’ generation, their union brings back memories of Diana and Charles.  And I’m not indifferent to the idea of royalty and the aristocracy – I read historical romances, for crying out loud. But somehow, I’ve been pretty indifferent to the whole affair.

Now that I write this out, I think there are two reasons that I’m a […]