Kindle: Oh, I Believe!



It all started as a result of getting regularly dissed by my local Borders.

 Let me count the ways:  Their complete lack of interest in shelving romance anywhere even remotely close to the lay down date, the whiff of condescension coming from employees (hello, Red Suspenders guy!), and the rolling eyes and sighs if you dared to ask them to search the infamous “back room” for books that weren’t on the shelf even though their own computer system said they were in store.

So, why did I rely on such an unreliable bookstore?  Color me naïve, but I live in a major city and I don’t think I should have to pay shipping and handling for mass market books.  And Amazon Prime?  That’s still paying.

I’ve thought about e-readers before, but…well, it just seemed like too much of a project to try to figure out […]