Quest for Kitchen Item

517s5fvzFfL__SY450_We use a lot of paper plates around my house. It’s an environmental choice. Where I live in Texas there is plenty of landfill room, but not so much water. Also, I have teenagers that graze like an entire herd of buffalo that would run through all my real dishes in no time.

For years we’ve used those raffia or bamboo baskets that are designed for holding paper plates. They’re pretty sturdy, last for a long time, and can be washed with the rest of our dishes if they catch a spill. I always found them at the thrift store, taped together in a bundle, for only a couple of bucks. But this last year that source has dried up.

Not finding them at the thrift store for months, I finally started looking for them retail. They can be found new, but the only ones I’ve found are flimsy and too small to […]