What's Happening at Harlequin Historicals?

silkscandal For years, Harlequin Historicals(HH) has been my go-to line for good authors and for access to stories spanning a wide variety of time periods. However, I’ve been noticing that while I normally buy at least 2 or 3 HHs each month, that’s been dwindling lately. And this make sad. I’ve adored this line for a long time, they have some good authors on board, and so it’s hard to watch it change. I’ve been looking at what I see in this line in recent months and I’ll admit that it has me a little worried.

First of all, the variety available in this line seems to be getting more limited. I have to admit that I feel bad mentioning just one historical line on this issue. After all, plenty of publishers seem to be guilty of churning out Regency romp after Regency romp while […]