Career Matches in Real Life

Bloomberg recently released a statistical report which examines marriage patterns by occupation in the United States. Who do female doctors marry? Male doctors? Female and male lawyers? It’s a fun graph to play with, and although I’m not sure there’s enough data for same-sex couples to be statistically significant, those are listed as well. I used the data to check out some popular romance cliches. Do tycoons really marry secretaries? Who do athletes marry?

For several popular romance hero types, I’ve put the three top female matches, plus the male match in parens for m/m readers. (Alas, the U.S. census is lacking in dukes and sheikhs, so I had to omit those categories). And the results are bizarrely consistent. Take a look!

Links go to books I could think of with that pairing, like the CEO/CEO pairing in Judith McNaught’s Remember When and the CEO/secretary pairing in the graphic novel Midnight Secretary. I had to fudge it sometimes […]