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The Pregnant Heroine

As so many of us have blogged about our reading preferences lately, I began thinking about my own romance likes and dislikes.   As I’ve gotten older or simply have read more, I’ve noticed differences in my reading preferences and have often wondered why those tastes change.   Way back in the day, I loved the pregnant…

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Books with Buzz: Mary Balogh Interview and Giveaway (Contest Closed)

It’s always a treat to feature Mary Balogh here at AAR and today we have a double one:  A short interview with the author about A Matter of Class, her upcoming release and a chance for a lucky reader to win a signed copy of the book direct from the author.  To enter for your…

Big Mary Balogh News

Beginning in late February 2009, Mary Balogh will publish four – that’s right four – new books over four consecutive months. The series will follow the existing pattern familiar to Balogh readers with the first three published as paperback originals, followed by the big hardcover wrap-up in late May. Here is the breakdown of titles…

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