An Interview with Jill Shalvis

Perennial contemporary romance favorite Jill Shalvis has a new book out this week. It’s called Sweet Little Lies and it’s her  first release with Avon Books as well as the first edited by well-known editor May Chen (she has edited Julie Anne Long, Sherry Thomas, Lorraine Heath, and others). Sweet Little Lies is book one in Jill’s new Heartbreaker Bay series. I’ve read most of Jill’s work and, after reading this one, asked if she’s answer a few questions.


Dabney: Hi Jill. Thanks for talking to me. After reading Sweet Little Lies—which I enjoyed—I have questions.

For starters, what do you have against glitter?

Jill: Ha!  Have you ever tried to clean up after glitter?  If you have, you wouldn’t ask me that question.  Having raised four girls, I can tell you I’ve had more glitter in my […]