A Queer Romance Month Post: Looking at Queer New Adult

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Queer-Romance-Month-2015Every Friday in October, AAR will run a guest post as part of our participation in Queer Romance Month. Today’s is hosted by queer romance author Santino Hassell.

New Adult is one of my favorite romance subgenres because of all the ground that’s covered in these novels. There’s college life, newfound independence, economic struggles, interpersonal issues that pop up as characters broaden their horizons, and of course sexual exploration and those first serious relationships. When queer characters are involved, that landscape of “first” themes can become even richer.

In celebration of Queer Romance Month, I’m sitting down to discuss queer NA with Megan Erickson and Amy Jo Cousins.

SH: Hey guys! Thank you for joining me.

AJC: Hi! Delighted to be here, typing over your every word.

ME: Thanks for having us! Excited to chat.

SH: When I first stumbled upon NA, I expected the books to be very Felicity-esque (is this a dated reference? […]