Appliance frustration

microwaveI really, really didn’t think it would be so difficult to replace a microwave.  Honestly, all I wanted was something that works and doesn’t cost sixty million dollars, and won’t break down in 3 years.  But lo and behold, two passed in and out the door before, finally, the third stayed.

#1: The Danby

Got this one because it was cheap and on sale.  And the door was stainless steel, and it look flash and everything.  Then I checked out the reviews online, on various sites, and saw that feedback was almost universally craptastic.  Back it went.

#2: The Panasonic

We can trust Panasonic, right?  I’m pretty brand loyal, and Panasonic I would basically stand by.  Bought it, took it home, set up and plugged, and everything’s great for a day … until I read the manual.  To set the power level, I have to press “Power Level” the reverse number of […]