Q&A with Mimi Matthews

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AAR has loved much of Ms. Matthews work and we thought our readers would enjoy learning more about her and her writing! (Thanks to Lisa for coming up with most of these questions!)

AAR: How do you create your books? And what is your subsequent research process like?

Mimi: My books usually begin with an idea for a single, disconnected scene. It gives me a sense of the main characters and the general tenor of their romance. I build the rest of my story around that scene.

As for my research, I try to restrict it to primary sources or to scholarly articles by people who specialize in Victorian history. I like to be certain I’m getting the actual facts and not just some regurgitated misconception about the era that’s been passed around on the internet.

My goal is to be as period accurate as possible, without dragging things down with heavy-handed historical detail. Above all, I want my novels to be enjoyable.

AAR: […]