$625? Seriously?

modernist-cuisine-1All things being equal, I have to wonder – seriously, wonder – whether a cookbook can possibly be worth $625.  Plus tax.

Okay, details. If you haven’t heard of the Modernist Cuisine, it’s the baby of one scientific millionaire, a team of chefs and scientists, and millions of dollars.  A certain Nathan Myhrvold got into sous vide cooking, which apparently is a whole genre of cooking food at specific scientific settings in a vacuum. Finding no definitive cookbook at the time, Myhrvold decided, hey! I’ll write it! He then hired a whole bunch of chefs and cooks from modernist restaurants around the world (Fat Duck, anyone?), built a laboratory, and cooked up 2400 pages of seriously intense cookery.

From what I can see, the 5-volume set is not so much cookbook as reference and photographer’s wet dream.  First of all, it’s 5 volumes. Five volumes. Second of all, the […]