The Ever After Box: How It All Began!

ever_after_box_adLast year, I hosted an author table at Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon. It’s an event that’s become known for “Table Wars”, where authors deck out their tables and provide awesome goodies for their readers. My theme was Asian steampunk and I spent an entire week putting together handcrafted boxes that looked like antique texts, complete with authentic titles that existed during the Opium War era. I had so much fun and readers loved it.

Shortly after the luncheon, I hatched an idea. The monthly subscription box craze was going strong – I myself subscribed to one for gamer geeks and one for makeup samples. Why not a box for romance readers?

Once the idea took root, I couldn’t get rid of it. I consulted with my usual partners in crime, Shawntelle and Amanda. The time was right for a romance novel subscription box. I’m sure they thought I was crazy, but they […]