Like That Could Ever Happen…


I was re-watching Never Been Kissed, which is one of my favourite romantic comedies.  I really like Drew Barrymore (she’s so darn friendly and relatable), and John C. Reilly always brings a smile to my face, and man oh man, is Michael Vartan yummy.

But there was one thing running through my head that had never occurred to me before I started teaching, and that is how the movie could never, ever, ever happen in real life.  I mean, adult reporter going into high school and forming potentially romantic relationships with seventeen-year-olds?  Or, even worse, her adult brother masquerading as a teenager and also forming potentially romantic relationships with sixteen-year-old gymnasts named Tracy?  Yuck-o.

Hey, it’s a movie, and I still like it.  Even though the reality would be very, very wrong, I ignore it in favour of the story.

Are there movies or books that you know are politically incorrect, or totally unrealistic, but that you love anyway?

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