AAR Loves… Partners-to-Lovers Romances Part One

There are lots of lists for friends-to-lovers stories, but what about partners-to-lovers? Unlike friends, partners have linked up to realize a particular goal. While pursuing this goal, the partners grow to like, trust, and admire each other, and love grows out of this foundation.

Our reviewers love so many of these books that we decided to split the list in half. Part 1 is for partners in law enforcement, the military, and espionage. Many of these books are mysteries and thrillers, and the stories of these characters are often spread out across multiple books. Part 2 will be for other types of partners: dancers trying to win a contest, businesspeople working on a big deal, actors staging a play, etc.

So let’s get started with Part 1! Some of AAR’s favorite law and order partners-to-lovers books are:

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