Pop-up restaurants

rsz_1sandwich3In many ways, Toronto is a haven for foodies.  The sheer ethnic variety of the city, alone, means you can find almost anything you want, from most corners of the world in T.O.  (Heck, we even have a cafe that serves coffee New Zealand style, which is pretty random to me, but I’m not complaining.)

One of the more recent trends taking over the city is the pop-up restaurant, whereby chefs, often famous ones, offer simple, good, and cheap takeaway food in a temporary location, usually some kind of sandwich, hoagie, sub, etc.  But good stuff.  The only thing is you have to catch them when you can; often you’d only catch word by word of mouth, or if you follow them on Facebook or Twitter, or something like that.

Me, I like this trend, and I hope it stays.  Sure, some of the chefs are famous.  But there are also some […]