A Blast from our Past: Declarations of Love

Here’s a column from three years ago. It holds up well, we think. What are your favorite proposals? We at AAR wish all our readers a happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day known for over-extravagant, “show me you love me” gifts that sometime mimic scenes from one of our favorite romance novels. We are all familiar with the grand gesture, like the hero declaring his love in front of room full of people, or buying the perfect gift.

When I was younger I loved the over the top scenes, thinking that they epitomized true love — maybe because some of my co-workers actually did experience them too. One woman’s boyfriend proposed by having a plane fly over a beach that they were at — sky-writing “I love you, marry me.” Talk about green with envy. Wow, he must really worship her.

Today you can find numerous proposals online. Or even the flash wedding — from proposal on air to wedding […]