Hear It for Public Radio (ha)

1920s-radioEver since I started driving to work, I started listening to the radio. A lot. I listen primarily for the traffic  reports (although, as a side note, I just want to mention that 680 News was absolutely useless earlier this week when the ramp off the 401 was closed and they didn’t bother to mention it to their faithful listeners, and I had to detour for ages…but anyway, moving on), but after the traffic report on the 1s, I switch back immediately to CBC Radio 1.

I used to avoid CBC 1 like the plague. CBC 2 was fine – it played “good” classical music (as opposed to “bad” classical music, naturally). But CBC 1? Yammering! Jabbering! And on topics that seriously didn’t interest me.

But I outgrew Mix 99.9, with its steady diet Billboard singles, and I grew tired of 102.1 The Edge, which was moderately less repetitive, but still had […]