Poll: What’s Your Recession Reading Pleasure?

Romance sales are up.

Which is a total no-brainer, right?  After all, it’s scary out there.

But here’s what’s got me curious.  What are you reading these days?  And, just as interesting to me, have your reading tastes changed since the recession began?

For me, the answer to the second question is a definite yes.  I’ve always loved historical romance and have since I first began reading the genre when I was about 13.  It’s my first love and, as romance readers know, first love is a powerful thing.

I also love contemporaries, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and – yep – great paranormals, too.  Lately, though, I’ve found myself much more set to lose myself in a great historical romance.

But enough about me.  We want to know what you’re reading to escape from a reality that’s gotten a bit too real.  And, for a special bonus question, please tell us if your reading habits have changed since the recession began.

Note: […]