Avon Gale and Roan Parrish on Heart of the Steal (and a giveaway!)

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Step 1. Brainstorming

Roan: Heart of the Steal was born in a moving truck, on a hot as hell August day in the South. Well, that’s not entirely true—it had existed before, IN AVON’S TWISTED BRAIN.

Avon: Yes! And it was very convoluted and involved a side plot with a serial killer. Which is just what you want in your opposites-attract romance novel, right? I was having a lot of problems with the story and wanted to talk it out with Roan, and what I was really in love with about the story was the characters far more than my plot. When I was talking it out with her, she immediately started giving me such great ideas, especially for Vaughn, and I just knew that she had to write […]

Roan Parrish guest post and a #giveaway

Romance Off the Mat: Lessons About Yoga & Love

Only ten percent of yoga happens on the mat. The other ninety percent happens out in the world, and what we do on the mat helps prepares us. That’s how my favorite yoga instructor explained it to me, anyway, and it’s how the yoga instructor explains it in Where We Left Off.

The idea is that if I learn how to sit with discomfort in a pose that challenges my body, then I’m also learning how to sit with, say, conversational discomfort. If I practice identifying when I should push my body and when I should ease off in a pose, then I’m training myself to tell the difference between when I should push through something and when I should retreat from it in the rest of my life as well.

When Leo Ware is dragged to a yoga class by one of his friends at […]

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Lessons of Politics, Lessons of Love: A Guest Piece (and a Giveaway) from Roan Parrish

Colin Mulligan cares (a little too much) what his father thinks. He cares about cars. He cares about football. But when Out of Nowhere begins, he doesn’t really care about anyone or anything else. He’s detached, uncommitted, uninvested. His life is circumspect because he isn’t engaged with the world around him. One way to put this is to say that Colin doesn’t have any passion. Another way is to say that he doesn’t have any politics.

In contrast, Colin’s love interest Rafael Guerrera’s passion for social justice and commitment to working for political change define his every action. Rafe is an advocate for queer youth, he is dedicated to the education of incarcerated folks, and is working toward decarceration. Politics animate every sphere of Rafe’s life, and it’s primarily where he directs his passion and his time.

For me, as for Rafe, politics are an everyday thing. My politics inform my thoughts and my words, and are the driving force behind […]

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Queer Romance: Where Do We Go From Here?

Queer-Romance-Month-2015For our final QRM-themed piece for the AAR blog, Alexis Hall is  joined by Roan Parrish, EE Ottoman and Santino Hassell. They’re going to be talk about where they think the genre is and where they hope it’s going.


AJH: Thank you for joining me, folks. Another year, another QRM. It feels kind of exciting to be in the second year, but it also makes me a bit meditative about the place of LGBTQ+ romance within romance, as well as the nature of the LGBTQ+ romance community itself.

RP: Well, and *is* it even one community?

SH: It’s as much of one as the LGBTQ+ community is in general. A group of people who are minorities in terms of their sexualities and identities, and who get lumped together even though they may have totally different perspectives and ideals.

EE: Yes, I’m not sure it is one community. Or maybe it’s not useful to think of it as one community.

AJH: This is true. QRM got started in an attempt to bridge […]

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