All Roads Lead to Rome

Appia3When my daughter, son-in-law, and grand-twins moved from Washington, DC, to Rome because Richard was promoted, my husband and I were dismayed. Fortunately, the United Nations, for whom Richard works, gives a travel allowance that lets them visit us in California once a year. But until this summer, we’ve never visited them in Rome.

Unlike most young Romans who live in the city, Sarah and Richard don’t rent an apartment in a highrise building, instead renting a house close to the center of town. In fact, they live on the Appia Antinca (the Appian Way) across from the catacombs and down the street from the Domine Quo Vadis church.

The Appia Antica is walled along their part of the road with car-wide entrances off the Appia for residents. The entrance to my daughter’s house goes uphill a few feet and ends at three gates, the one to the left leading to […]