Summer Recipes: Jean's Random Dressings

Summer is salad season for me.  Period.  It’s been less salady this year than other years because we had one heat wave of unending discomfort for two weeks, and everything else has been sub 30, and mostly sub 25 C.  (Sorry for all the Americans out there, but I can’t do Fahrenheit.  I can’t.)

Anyway, when I do bring out my trusty chopped salad (= chop random veggies in the fridge and toss) I start experimenting with dressings.  I’m not too imaginative with the salad ingredients because I tend to be conservative in my grocery shopping (= cheap), except when it comes to cheese.  So the salad dressing is where I can shell out a bit more, because it goes a long way, and try different things.

Here are my three staple salad dressings, which I just dump over salads, and often other random dishes.  Everything I do is guesstimated, with a dash here and a pinch there, and I […]