Winter Warmers – Haley's Apple Brickle Dip

I had originally planned a fun Halloween themed recipe to share today. I had two Halloween parties at my house over the weekend, so I tried out a few fun themed foods. I made my recipe I had planned to use for the blog and, well, it kind of bombed. The idea was to make these bone shaped sandwich cookies with raspberry “marrow” filling and dip them in white chocolate to complete the look. Sounds tasty, right? Not so much. They were so sickly sweet no one really wanted to eat them and, even though it was a Halloween party, people didn’t get the whole skeleton theme and thought they looked like dog bones. So, instead, I would like to share a nice, simple recipe that was a huge hit this weekend and is great for fall, Apple Brickle Dip. It is so easy and it is like dipping your apple wedges into a melted candy bar.


– Haley […]