An interview with Sharon Cullen

Sharon Cullen’s latest book, His Saving Grace, is a moving story featuring a loving couple who have to find a way to live together again after one partner – the husband – suffers a traumatic injury.  HSG

Lord Michael Ashworth left his home and his beloved wife, Grace, almost a year earlier, to join his regiment in the Crimea.  Some months later, Grace receives the devastating news that Michael has been killed – only to have him reappear on her doorstep without warning several months later.  While she is overjoyed to see him, it doesn’t take her long to realise that all is not well – and thus begins the couple’s journey towards remaking their life together.

It’s an emotional and sometimes difficult read, but I nonetheless enjoyed it very much, and wanted to learn more about the inspiration for the book. I’m very pleased to welcome Sharon Cullen to […]