Sheikhen AND Stirred: A Guest Post (and giveaway) by Marguerite Kaye

the widow and the sheikhI’ll start with a small confession, always a good idea if you want to engage the reader, which obviously I do. When my Editor first suggested I write a new historical sheikh quartet, I wasn’t exactly brimming with enthusiasm. My recent novels had been very much grounded in historically authentic settings and concerned with the impact of contemporary historical issues on my characters. My stories were heroine-centric, and my heroes, seemingly of their own accord, have been migrating down the aristocratic hierarchy at such a rate they have barely a teaspoon of blue blood between them. My writing was, within the context of the genre, becoming more gritty, more real.

The defining characteristic of the sheikh trope, on the other hand, is fantasy and exotic world-creation, and it is all about the hero. The thing is though, sheikh stories are very popular – the […]