Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry?

ice-cream-ispI went out with a friend yesterday and we shared a Wild Crepe. “Wild” is a bit optimistic, actually – there was nothing wild about it except some Kahlua mildly drizzled along with the chocolate sauce. But it was good, with bananas and cantaloupe, whipped cream, and ice cream wrapped inside a nice thin crepe.

Slight hitch in the process: When we got to choose the ice cream, my friend asked, “Vanilla, right?” And I vehemently said, “No!”

She looked at me in surprise. If I’d had a mirror, I’d have looked at myself in surprise. I mean, I don’t hate vanilla, but I didn’t think I actively didn’t want it. It’s vanilla. It goes with almost everything – except yoghurt. I think vanilla yoghurt is kind of gross, actually.

But I thought about it, and I realized, yeah, if I’m paying for ice cream, I’d really prefer something other than just plain […]