Why You Can’t Set a Wax Play Scene on Shabbos

And other things I learned while writing a BDSM erotic romance set in an Orthodox Jewish Community

A Guest Post by Tamsen Parker

(Ms. Parker is giving away a signed copy of Craving Flight. To be entered in a drawing for the novel, leave a comment.)

Tzipporah is the heroine in Craving Flight, the BDSM erotic romance novella I wrote for the Goodreads’ BDSM group’s story prompt writing event. She’s a university professor who also happens to be a Ba’alat Teshuva: a woman who was born Jewish but wasn’t raised that way and later becomes observant. The hero Elan is the neighborhood butcher and has been raised as an Orthodox Jew.

In order to adhere to community norms, they agree to something I might call marriage of convenience lite. And from there, well, they have to get to know each […]