Tartare sauce…and more.

18580I love tartare sauce.  Actually, half the reason I get fish & chips is for the tartare sauce.  But I’ve grown sick of the disgusting green stuff that you get in jars.

Luckily, one of the things I learned to make in New Zealand was tartare sauce from scratch, The basics, I was told, is as follows:

  1. Fine mince parsley, a bit of white onion, and some pickles (proportions to taste, but roughly 1:1:1).
  2. Mix with salad dressing – I haven’t yet found the North American version of this: It’s a white cream savoury emulsion, but it’s not Miracle Whip or mayonnaise, which are a bit overly tasty.  “Salad Dressing” is blander and much more versatile.

And there you have it.  Real tartare sauce that doesn’t look like mouldy green gunge. […]