the ask@AAR: How are Taylor Swift and Romance Alike?

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warning: today’s ask is more of a rant than a question

Taylor Swift’s first album came out when my daughter was ten. We both loved it–I still get a catch in my heart when I listen to Tim McGraw and Mary’s Song–and played it again and again on the way to school much to the dismay of her twin brother. As Taylor continued to release albums, I continued listen but, by the time my daughter was in her early teens, Taylor wasn’t cool. (I suspect my daughter still listened to her but on headphones where musical tastes aren’t public.) Like her three brothers, she listened to Eminem, Jay Z, Snoop, Kendrick, and other men (Rihanna was the exception). The songs we now heard in the car were those about bitches, hos, guns, and pain. Love songs… not so much. […]