What happened to the musical?

avenueq1Culturally, I think we’re in a pretty good space right now.  Musical artists are finding new and creative ways to reassemble the old quarter notes and eighth rests.  Books and movies?  Heaps of stuff going on.  Theatre?  There are many exciting new plays that come out every year.

But my first love was and will always remain the musical, and it saddens me immensely to see that it is undergoing a prolonged and painful slump.  Oh sure, American Idiot by all accounts is awesome, and ticket sales are finally boosting, and that new production of Mary Poppins is doing well.  But when was the last time you heard about a brand new musical – with brand new, un-recycled music – that was wowing the theatre world?  When was the last time someone actually did something original with the music and lyrics, and married it successfully with even a half-decent book?  In […]