Watching the Classics With Fresh Eyes

Atticus-FinchMy son, who is a film buff, has recently been working his way through the AFI Top 100 Films List. That fact had our family spending a recent Friday night watching the truly fabulous To Kill A Mockingbird. This is a film my husband and I rarely pull out. We love the movie – it is kept in the cabinet simply because it packs such a punch a single viewing stays with you a long time.

It was incredible watching the impact the film had on our teenager though. He was completely engrossed the entire time it was on, anxious to discuss it once it was over. He now understands why Atticus Finch topped AFI’s Top 100 Heroes List. Between Mockingbird and the Godfather AFI has impressed him with just how many great older films are out there. This has been wonderful for us as a family. […]