Doing Without

toothbrushSo Friday I got ready to spend the weekend at a friend’s, got myself organized, and everything’s great.  PJs, check.  ProActiv, check.  Weekend work and Loretta Chase, double check.  All is well.

Until Friday night arrives and I realize I’ve forgotten my toothbrush and toothpaste.  And here’s the situation:

  • I do not magically discover a toothbrush at the bottom of my laptop case, my purse, or my overnight bag.
  • My friend has no extra toothbrushes.
  • I have no chewing gum and my friend does not own mouthwash (not that I would anyway, because that stuff is gross).
  • My friend lives 20-minutes’ drive from town, which, being a rural town (duh)…
  • Doesn’t have any kind of shop that sells a toothbrush at 9pm.

Might seem unnecessary drama to you, but I hate – HATE – going to bed untoothbrushed.  It is just a fact of life for me.  I go to bed feeling clean.  End of story.  Without a toothbrush, […]