Speaking of Audiobooks: Tracking Our Listening

Using laptopFor years I’ve kept a Word document to track the many print books I read.  It includes such details as title, author, date read, and grade as well as links to my personal reviews.  My dear document has grown to 64 pages with hundreds of links.  It’s unwieldy and most certainly not a perfect system, but it is overwhelming to even think about changing course at this stage of the game.  But despite the fact that it remains a fairly reliable list, it’s not a place for tracking my audiobooks.  Not only would they get lost among my hundreds of print books but additional tracking for items such as narrator, length, and version is required.

However, building a reliable audiobook list has proven to be a personal trial for years with more failures than successes.  I sometimes make an attempt to track audiobooks through my Audible library but […]