Uke Away!


When I went to primary school you had two instruments, the voice and the recorder.  There’s nothing wrong with the first one, but face it – how applicable is the recorder to modern music?

But now many schools are adding a third choice: The ukulele.  A lot of schools in New Zealand have purchased ukuleles for their students and it’s becoming a legitimate instrument, rather than just a silly item at a luau.  Besides the fact that they’re fun, and colourful, and cute, they’re also a lot easier to play than guitars and are great lead-ins.  And “ukulele” in Hawaiian means “jumping flea”.  Can’t beat that.

You can play heaps of songs on the uke, including the current hit “Hey Soul Sister”.  The video above is of the late great Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which Judy Garland could never have imagined, but which has its own charm.

Anyone play the uke here?  Anyone play an instrument period?

– Jean AAR […]