Restoring my Used Books

As many romance readers do, I tend to buy quite a number of my romances second-hand. The shape they arrive in can vary dramatically. Now I read most of by books in bed, which means I am finicky about anything that might have gotten stuck to the books’ covers and between their pages. So any used book that arrives at Chez Horstmann has to undergo the following procedure: (a) being entered in my computer databases, (b) gentle cleaning of the covers with a damp cloth, (c) repairing of edges and loose pages with bookbinders’ glue, (d) removal of stickers or residue of stickers (with solvent that smells so nasty that I only do this work standing by the open window), and (e) removal of food, hairs and other stuff that has been gotten stuck between the pages (I once got a book which had dozens of long […]