TBR Challenge 2011 – The Steamy Stuff

moonlight_mistress For July’s TBR Challenge read, I had to dip into the spicy stuff. I have more then a few Blazes lying around and several Megan Hart novels, but I was craving a historical. What to do? Then I remembered The Moonlight Mistress by Victoria Janssen. This World War I story has plenty of steam and romance, unusual characters, and all kinds of things that appealed to me. The execution could have been a little smoother, but I still enjoyed reading it. Were it a review book, it would probably go in the B- range.

The book opens with the lead couple, Lucilla Daglish and Pascal Fournier. They are in Germany on the eve of World War I and Lucilla has learned that her train to Paris via Strasbourg has been cancelled. Many are trying to flee and with the city’s […]