On “Say Yes to the Dress”

Say-Yes-to-the-Dress-350x230I’ve watched almost no reality TV. I watched the finals of the first four seasons of American Idol, some scenes from the two Survivor seasons my niece’s husband was on, and the episodes of The Voice when a kid who went to school with my twins performed. I’ve never seen a cooking show, a home show, or a this family is completely crazy show.

Today, as part of an assignment for a journalism class I’m taking, I’m going watch two episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and live blog as I do. (Live blogging means I’ll be writing in real time as the show runs.) I picked this show because a wedding is so often part of the HEA we love in romance. I’ve read descriptions of hundreds of wedding dresses in the books but other than planning my own (I wore an altered version of my grandmother’s dress.) and going with […]