Venturing into Frivolity

shoes_iaec0226165I thought long and hard before I made this statement, and I can say it for fact: I’ve never made a whimsical shoe purchase in my life. I go to shoe stores for specific purposes, whether it’s boots, flats or pumps.  My shoes are always comfy, and yeah, they have to look nice, but because they’re also practical, they’re usually black or brown.

For the past few weeks I’ve been hunting for flats. I am so picky with flats – I demand good arch support as well as supple heels, and the last pair I had tore my heels to shreds until, in a fit of pique, I left them behind in New Zealand. (Obviously, it hadn’t occurred to me to buy those little pads, but oh well.) And now I needed flats for work, black, nice, but ultimately boring. […]