Reading Validation: When Do We Need It?

how_the_marquess_was_wonI’m happy to say my reading slump may be over, but I’m also now a bit puzzled.

The book that got me out of it is Julie Ann Long’s How the Marquess Was Won.  I read it in a delicious fury over one night and several hours of an afternoon.   I loved the story and the characters, and, as an added bonus for me, the author took aim and scored even higher by delivering on some of my romantic hot buttons.  (A hero who risks making himself look foolish by tearing off to rescue a heroine’s cat?  Now, that’s a man!)

A universally great reading experience, right?  That’s what I thought until I took a look at our review here (grade B) and and another even lower graded review on the Web.  Both reviewers, more familiar than I am with books by Julie Ann Long, found flaws in the book […]