Merry (and not so merry widows): A guest post by Megan Mulry

In my latest book, Encore, both of the main characters are widowed, so I became fascinated with all sorts of ideas about loss and redemption and second chances while I was writing it. I also love reading about widowed characters, because it provides such a rich backstory—did they love their dead spouse? Hate them? Kill them? Here are a few of my personal favorites, followed by a great list of suggestions from other readers and writers:

A Christmas Bride by Mary Balogh – OMG this book! The heroine was 19 when she married a much older man. She is widowed and so completely tormented by this Really Terrible Thing she did when she was a younger woman. Classic Balogh angst and passion ensues. The hero, Edgar, is one of my favorite stand-up-guy Dudley Do-Right heroes ever. His goodness […]