I Wish, I Wish

wishWe all know about online Wish Lists and how they can magically give Santa our preferences without putting them blatantly in his face.  They regularly save spouses from making disastrous choices on special occasions, whether it be Christmas or birthday or any other gift-giving occasion.  I know my husband, mother, and children all shop from my wish lists routinely.

Sometimes, however, online wish lists can be really funny.  Take mine for example.  Right now I not only have books I’d like to read on one of my wish lists, but also the refrigerator filter canisters and vacuum cleaner supplies we need on it too.  In other words, I also use the wish list as a reminder list.  Now instead of crawling through products when I’m looking for the right make and model, I can just go to my wish list and reorder.  But that’s not very helpful if you’re looking […]