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And Now For. . . The Best

Contemporary Covers

This was a voting category of unexpected discovery. I don’t think any of us realized how few /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages of people were used on contemporary romance covers until we’d viewed these nominations. To our vast surprise, we discovered that the really good art in this sub genre seemed to be centered on landscapes. Yes, gorgeous, lush, beautifully rendered landscapes. Cartoons did all right in the nominating phase but only one made it into the final slate of nominees. I heard lots of comments about the viewers’ being tired of the cartoons since the market seems saturated with them. I am especially interested in receiving any nominations of single title contemporary covers which are not landscapes since this category is already so strong with landscapes. If you find a landscape stronger than our first three listed here, however, by all means nominate it too.

Mira; no art credit Putnam; design & illustration, Wendell Minor Avon; design – Patricia Barrow,
illustration – Wendy Popp

St. Martin’s; art: design, Anne Twomey;
photo, Herman Estevez Avon; no art credit Fawcett; no art credit

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