AAR Cover Image Nomination Form

This is the form for nominating covers for AAR‘s 2002 Cover Contest.

This ballot is only for covers first issued in 2002. The underlying novel could have been published previously, but the cover has to be new. International covers are acceptable but it must be a cover that is available for purchase by someone in the US. It must be a cover for which the applicable image and necessary information is available.

You may nominate covers as often as you see one that should be considered. However, nominating the same cover several times is not necessary. All nominated covers will receive the same consideration.

Please include as much information as possible to help us track down the cover /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages. Including your email will let us contact you if we have any questions. Readers, authors and artists are all welcome to nominate their covers. Once you submit your nomination form, you will be automatically returned to The Cover Controversy page. The categories are:

  • Historicals: Single Cover
  • Historicals: With Stepback (inside image)
  • Alternate Reality (Paranormals including futuristics, vampires etc.)
  • Contemporary: Single Cover
  • Other than Historical: With Stepback (Includes Contemporary and Alternate Reality)
  • Series (Includes series like The Coltons and Maitland Maternity)
  • Historical Series (Includes Traditional Regencies and Harlequin Historicals)
  • Worst

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