Flames of Passion


On August 10, 1998, The Mining Company, which often features articles and links to AAR, wrote the following feature article entitled Flames of Passion about Issue #56 of Laurie’s News & Views. This is a re-print. It is used by permission.

Over at All About Romance, one of my favorite places to visit, there is an interesting debate going on. AAR reviews books in a most delightful way. Not long ago, an electronic publisher sent three books to be reviewed. All three received an F and …well, Laurie’s News and Views tells it all. Yikes! Talk about a flame war. The books reviewed were all from New Concepts.

A Love Like Mine by Barri Bryan
Return to Paradise by Barry Bryan
Dreams of Yesterday by Janet Cooper

Note: Each review was written by a different reviewer. “My first reaction after reading this book, was to package it back up and return it to the author with a note telling her I can’t, in all fairness, review her book. It isn’t ready for publication yet.” – Marianne Stillings’ review of Dreams of Yesterday“[The hero] utters one of the strangest lines ever used by a man desperate to get a woman into the sack. He tells her, “Take off the wet clothes, and use the water in that can to wash up, or I’ll strip you myself, and scrub you down with a corn cob.” – Anne Ritter’s review of Return to Paradise

I hesitated to write about this topic, because I believe in the future of epublishing and, frankly, I don’t want to fan the flames. But I also believe in the value of editing and the importance of telling a good story. And I think that these things do need to be discussed openly. Otherwise, good epublishing companies will sink beneath bad product. And then what will I read on my ebook reader (when I get one, which I plan to do).

To quote Laurie Likes Books, we “hope e-authors and publishers smooth over some of the bad relationships they are creating, along with improving the quality of what is accepted for publishing.”


Jim Trent



In a personal follow-up, Mining Company Guide Jim Trent wrote, “your site is just tremendous. I look forward to what’s next there…and always enjoy your forthright writing style not to mention the way you cover all the essential ingredients of the topic. Also, the reviews you have on your site are the best — funny and honest and accurate!”



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