Almost everyone has lived through a break-up and, whew, it’s hard. Daniel Chidiac has written a book about modern break-ups and he’s giving one away to a lucky AAR reader. Make a comment below to be entered in this drawing.

When it comes to dating, I seem to be going in a circle. The ones I want don’t want me, and the ones who want me, I don’t want. It’s the same scenario over and over again. I feel like two people never remain on the same level these days—their “wants” change so rapidly. I’ve tried to look at it positively, but when you keep putting your heart out there and nothing comes of it, it’s a little hard. And the most frustrating thing is, even though I shouldn’t want some of these guys who screw me over, I’m still drawn to them. I keep trying to convince myself that I shouldn’t want someone who doesn’t want me, but my emotions keep getting the better of me. I know deep down that I should be stronger than this. I know that I need to close the door and accept that my love wasn’t appreciated. Not because it was wrong, but because I gave it to someone who couldn’t understand it. I know I went too deep in my emotions for him. I know that I surrendered my power, my trust, and my mind to him. I fell. And I’m not sure we should “fall” for anybody now. Why do we have to fall? I want to stand next time I love someone. I want to be stronger.

(excerpt from The Modern Break-up)

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